A Baby Husband

Melissa had turned the evidence over and over in her mind and there was only one conclusion: Jake was cheating. He’d always seemed like such a sweet, devoted husband, but if the late nights, mysterious phone calls, weekend business trips, and unusual credit card charges weren’t proof enough, the private detective’s photographs were. Jake was clearly shown meeting a strange woman at a hotel, then accepting room service in a bathrobe with the floozy hanging on to his arm, clad only in his shirt.

Melissa was not an emotional or affectionate woman. Perhaps that’s why after ten years Jake had turned. She liked sex more than most women, but evidently it hadn’t been enough. Even now she was calm and collected, thinking critically over what would be the best thing to do.

She wouldn’t leave. She loved Jake and was sure he loved her, too, even if he was dipping his cock into some slut—she suspected Laura from the office. What was it about Laura? She wasn’t the type that a guy would cheat with. She was busty and attractive enough, but she had three kids and, from what Melissa understood, was still breastfeeding the last one. She wasn’t young or a clubbing ditz. If anything, she was maternal. Most men tried to feel young by dating laughably young girls. Was Jake trying to feel young by dating a Mommy?

Perhaps it had something to do with his growing up without his mom. It was true he liked to call Melissa “Mama” during love making. And he loved to cuddle up to her when she would let him. During foreplay when he sucked her nipples, it was almost like he was nursing. Yes, maybe that was it. Maybe she could save her marriage and give her husband what he needed. Maybe it was what she needed, too.

A plan was just starting to take shape when the phone rang. It was Jake saying he had to stay late at the office again. So dutiful even when he was cheating. Melissa smiled into the receiver.

“Just be back by nine. I have some things to get together anyway.” And she certainly did.

* * *

When Jake walked in the door at 9:15, Melissa was waiting in the living room. She had taken great care in dressing, choosing an outfit that reminded her of something her own mother would have worn around the house: a simple, robin’s egg blue dress with flat, leather shoes. It wasn’t the sexiest thing in her wardrobe, but it made her feel authoritative and beautiful. Her hair was tucked behind her ears, but not styled.

Jake was surprised to see her. Usually she would have been in their bedroom working on her laptop in her sweats. “You’re late, dear.”

Jake gave an easy grin. “Sorry, Mommy.” He thought he was joking.

Melissa rose. She was only five foot four, but she felt six feet tall and it showed. Jake drew back. “I don’t believe you are, but you will be. Come here.”

Jake fumbled as he set down his suitcase and hurried to stand in front of his wife. “I—I’m sorry. I was trying to be home by nine. I thought I was close enough.”

“That’s not good enough, young man.” Melissa took hold of Jake’s ear and began pulling him towards the bedroom. He ran on his toes to keep up with his own ear, completely in her control. “But I have ways of dealing with naughty little boys.” With that, she pushed open the bedroom door to reveal an interesting spread over their bed: scissors, a hairbrush, a diaper, baby powder, and a strange device made of plastic.

“Now, you will take down your pants.”

Jake began undoing his belt, but slowly. “Why?”

Melissa sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her husband towards her, taking over his task and stripping him a little roughly. She slid his wallet out of his pocket and removed his credit cards and cash. “Because I’m going to give you a spanking.”

Jake smiled. “That’s kinda hot, baby.”

Melissa took his arm and drew him over her lap. She could feel his tumescent sex enthusiastically oozing against her dress. She didn’t mind. Evidently whatever that whore had done to her husband hadn’t drained him completely. And then she stopped herself. Laura wasn’t the problem: Jake was.

Melissa held Jake firmly in place and gently stroked his buttocks. “Oh, no. You’re the baby, baby. A very naughty baby.” She covered his bum with a flurry of quick, stinging spanks. He writhed against her, rutting like a teenager in his eagerness. He surprised her by moaning and raising his haunches to meet her forceful hand.

“Oh! Yes, Mommy!” The sight of him squirming in her lap was starting to turn her on. She knew she must not forget that she was doing this to correct him, not to give him pleasure. She reached for the hairbrush.

“What a bad little boy you are! Mommy’s going to have to spank this little boy with her hairbrush. He’s getting icky sticky all over Mommy’s dress.”

Jake was still rutting. “I’m sorry, Mommy.” He obviously thought this was going to be a game.

Melissa took up the hairbrush and delivered a series of slow, deliberate swats all over Jake’s reddening backside. With each stroke he jumped and gasped. This was more the response she was looking for. He was clearly in pain, but still submitting, just like a good baby should. But he wasn’t a baby yet. After thirty swats, she allowed him to stand.

He stood rubbing his bare buttocks and, when he turned to face her, she saw that his face had become quiet and peaceful, almost dreamy. “Thank you, Mommy.”

Melissa smiled. “Good boy. Now sit down.”

Silently, Jake obeyed. Melissa took his credit cards and money in one hand, the scissors in the other.

“I’m going to do something very drastic, but I want you to understand why.” Jake only looked at her blankly. His eyes were unfathomable, as though she had opened a door that led deep inside his mind. A twinge of nervousness overcame her, but she couldn’t help feeling she was looking into his eyes for the first time. There was no layer of sarcasm clouding his eyes and she knew there was no layer of detachment clouding hers. “I know you’re sleeping with Laura Fischer.” Jake didn’t flinch. “You are going to stop sleeping with her immediately. Tonight was the last time.”

Jake’s face remained blank. “You knew?”

Melissa sighed, letting her maternal air drop for a moment. “I know now.” And she snipped up the credit cards and all two-hundred dollars in cash.

After sweeping the mix of plastic and paper onto the floor, Melissa unbuttoned and removed Jake’s shirt and then his undershirt. Once he was naked, she spread him out over the bed. He didn’t fight her. He just looked up at her lovingly and occasionally moved a limb when she needed it moved. Once he stroked her face and she kissed his palm. It wasn’t until she began unfolding the diaper that Jake spoke.

“What are you doing, Mommy?”

Melissa pushed the diaper into position under her husband, now a sweet little boy, and began sprinkling his tumescent sex with baby powder. “I’m putting you in a diaper so that you can be a baby again.”


She tucked his erection into the diaper as well as she could. “You need to be a good baby so that you can grow up to be a good man someday.” Jake began absentmindedly sucking his thumb. “Until you show me that you can be a big boy, you’re going to be a little baby. No more big boy underpants, no more telephone, no more big boy tv, no more sex.” Melissa, who had never diapered anything but a doll, finally figured out how to tape up the sides of the diapers.

“Tomorrow Mommy is going to call your office and tell them you’re taking your two weeks off. Then Mommy has a date.”

Jake’s thumb popped out of his mouth. “What?” The sweet, childlike tone his voice had taken on evaporated.

“You cheated on me, I’m going to cheat on you. Only it won’t be cheating, because you’re not my husband now. You’re my baby boy.”

Jakes eyes began to tear. “I don’t want anyone else touching you!”

Melissa took hold of Jake’s chin and looked into his eyes. “Babies don’t have a say, do they?”

Jake’s tears brimmed over, but he nodded his head and Melissa’s nipples hardened as she reveled in her unquestioned authority.

“Good.” Melissa released his face and sat down next to her baby husband on the bed. He cuddled up to her and resumed sucking his thumb. Melissa began humming a lullaby and fingering the buttons around the neck of her dress. Slowly she began to undo them, revealing her large, white breasts and erect, pink nipples. As her tits tumbled free, Jake stared. She saw the front of his diaper grow tighter.

“Is baby sucking hims thumb because hims hungry?”

Jake moaned, thrusting against his diaper, and nodded. Melissa traced her areola with a finger before she playfully pinched her nipple. “Baby want bitty?”

Again, Jake nodded and, as Melissa lied back against the pillows, he scrambled into her lap and eagerly took her breast in his mouth. Melissa felt herself growing moist as Jake started to stroke himself through his diaper, but she firmly took his hand and removed it. “No, no, baby.” Jake moaned louder, but kept still.

As he suckled, Melissa stroked his hair and whispered to him about their new life together as Mommy and baby. She was going to date a number of men this week to find one to sleep with once Jake had to go back to work. While she was out of the house, there would be a babysitter coming over to watch him, a young woman named Penny. [Woot!] Jake was to be a good baby for her and do everything that she said. When he finally did go back to work, he was going to wear the a chastity device—the funny plastic thing that was waiting on the bed—under his diaper. When Melissa finished explaining, she asked Jake if he had any questions.

At first Jake just shook his head, then, thinking better of it, he detached himself from his Mommy’s breast. “Why did Mommy cut up all my money?”

Melissa stroked his hair. “So that you wouldn’t go buy big boy pants. I threw out all your underwear so that all you have are diapers.”

Jake nuzzled against Melissa’s breasts and said, “I wouldn’t do that. I would never disobey Mommy.”

Touched, Melissa smiled. “Good, baby.”

A Baby Husband
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