A Wet Spanking

Penny stood in the center of her room wearing her full school uniform, shifting uncomfortably. Her panties were absolutely soaked. She had tried to sneak back to her room alone to change them before anyone noticed, but her Daddy was vigilant when it came to the state of her panties, and had noticed quite easily. Now he was standing with his back to her, laying different implements out on the bed: a hair brush, a short leather strap, and a drilled, wooden paddle. He placed them in a neat row to one side, then sat down to the left of them and laid a thick, white towel across his lap.

“Come here.”

Penny shuffled over to the bed, her hands behind her and her shoulders drawn up. But she couldn’t stay outside of his reach forever and the moment she was close enough, her Daddy’s strong hand thrust out and took hold of her forearm. He drew her over his knee despite her whining, struggling protest and pulled up her skirt, blotched with moisture, to expose her squishy, wet panties.

Holding her down with one hand, his other explored the dampness of her panties, massaging the wet cotton into her crotch as he reviewed the exact levels of wetness between her legs. Penny felt her cheeks burn with shame. She was throughly wet with pee and her Daddy’s stern curiosity was causing a new, creamier wetness to seep from between her legs, warming the cold fabric. She gave a little moan and he stopped.

Without commenting, he took hold of the hairbrush and began to swat her bottom with fast, even strokes. Penny moaned again, this time in pain, and squirmed in her Daddy’s lap. All her bucking only managed to lift her towards the brush and her bottom reddened quickly. She knew it was no use struggling, but she couldn’t help it. The brush just stung so much!

As she moved on her Daddy’s lap, she noticed something rising from between his legs to jab her in the belly, something hot and rigid that seemed to swell under his pants. She tried to avoid it, but her Daddy seemed to enjoy pressing it against her, first into her soft stomach, then into the vee between her legs. As he spanked her harder, he also thrust the object harder against her. Penny found that if she clenched her legs just right it would rub her in a way that felt nice and made the spanking easier to take. By this point the towel had fallen away and the front of her Daddy’s pants were soaked, especially where he was pushing against her.

Then, with a final, strong swat, the hairbrush spanking and thrusting were over. But Penny’s Daddy didn’t stand her up and tell her to go change her panties. Instead he began caressing them again, seeming to enjoy their dampness and even the smell of wet that was rubbed all over his hand and into his lap. He stroked her for a while before he spoke.

“I think you need to wear a diaper, little girl.”

To be continued…