Penny on the Internet

I’m of the opinion that everyone–with the exception of my ex-husband–should follow all my online presences at all time, but if you only want to follow me in one or two places, I figured I would let you guys know what’s where and how I operate online. Sites are mentioned in no particular order.

Facebook I use Facebook for personal stuff, but only on my personal account. My professional one is hooked up to my Twitter and I only log in once a year or so to delete all the “Hey Guuuuuurl” messages and add a few pictures that you could easily see more explicit versions of somewhere else. I’ve seen too many people put a lot of effort into their professional Facebook accounts just to get them censored and deleted. Waste of time–and it weirds me out when guys are trying to sex chat me up and their profile picture is of them holding their six-month-old daughter. *shudder* <- Happens way more often than you might realize.

Instagram I love Instagram! Even though they kicked me off and I couldn’t get back on until Kylie sent me an old new phone! So you can all thank Kylie for sexy, suggestive pictures of me and shots of my food and drinks–and shoes. I’m an unapologetic food and drink pornographer. I never, ever Kik or Snap Chat anyone who asks me to on Instagram. Why on earth would I turn away from my sexy, hard boyfriend who will actually fuck me to chat with someone in Des Moines? But keep on trying, chatters! I’m sure the next person you hit up will be all over it! (Not really, but they don’t listen anyway.)

Google+ I’m working on fleshing out my Google+, especially since a friend told me how important it could be for my career. Thus far it’s pretty sparse, but look to see me more active here in the coming months!

FetLife The reason to follow me on FetLife is to keep abreast of the kinky events that I’m going to or hosting. I also put my better, sexier, kinkier pictures here, so you can find them and they don’t get buried under other stuff, like they might on Instagram or Twitter.

MySpace I still get fairly regular emails telling me that someone has added me on MySpace. … Haven’t logged into the thing in years. … Can’t remember my password or even my user name. … That is all.

YouTube My next big project is working on my YouTube. I already have a number of videos posted here, but I want to start posting more regularly, mostly vlogs and video previews. Stay tuned!

Twitter Twitter is definitely my most-used Social Media platform. Sam, my PA, uses it, too, so sometimes you may be responding to something that he has said. I’ve considered signing my personally created Tweets, sort of like the first lady does, but…then I don’t. I might start, though, especially because Sam has a habit of posting unflattering pics of me and using my Twitter to flirt with the ladies. However, I LOVE Twitter. I just wish that I could get it to sync back up with my Instagram. (There is a bug. Believe me, better techies than you have tried to talk me through it and I’m not interested in trying again.)

Penny on the Internet
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