Are you an adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL) into diaper humiliation, forced regression, and diaper discipline videos and MP3s? Would you love to be forced into diapers by a sexy, confident Mommy? Or maybe you’d like to see me work my magic on some cute adult baby girls, forcing them to wet, diapered orgasm after wet, diapered orgasm? Well, then you’re in the right place! My name is Penny Barber, but you can call me Mommy.

Diaper Discipline Videos

Here you’ll find the best ABDL diaper discipline videos available today. Why? Because I genuinely love forcing men and women into adult diapers to be punished, humiliated, spanked, and more! My videos are hot because I find the cutest, sexiest models around to live out my ABDL fantasies. I understand diaper discipline and how to translate diaper fantasies into scenes. My videos are full of tantalizing close-ups, revealing full-body shots, and sexy, diaper-centric dialogue. All this is shot in high definition (HD) with superior sound quality, studio lighting, and great editing. If you want to verify the quality of my clips, every one is equipped with a preview.

Custom ABDL Video

Treat yourself to a downloadable custom ABDL or diaper discipline video! You can get the personal experience of a cam show with the superior video quality of my studio camera to watch (and wank to!) over and over again. There’s a reason that I’m in the top 20 at Customs4U! Visit my Customs4U profile to order your custom ABDL video–just the way you like it. Scroll down to see my previous custom videos in all categories, including diaper fetish and diaper discipline.

ABDL Webcam Show

Want to be diapered in real time over Skype or watch me wet and come in my diaper? I’ll diaper you–by force if necessary. Or you can watch me play in my diapers.

I prefer longer shows where I get to tease you mercilessly until you cream your diaper like a dirty little diaper slut, so my minimum booking time is 30 minutes and I’m $5 per minute. That’s a $150 minimum. (Diaper babies aren’t always so good at math, especially when they’re thinking about all the naughty things that Mommy is going to do to them.) While I don’t have a set schedule, I am generally available Wednesday through Sunday, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm PST.

When you’re ready to book me for a cam show, you can email me at Copy and paste the following into your email:

  • Day and time (PST only) that you would like to see me:
  • How long you would like to book me for (minimum 30 minutes):
  • Your Skype screen name:
  • A basic idea of what you would like to do and any wardrobe or toy requests:

I’ll get back to you ASAP with a confirmation and details on sending your payment.

Diaper Fetish MP3s

Occasionally I release new diaper discipline and diaper fetish MP3s. Stay tuned for updates on where they will be available!

I record with my trusty Yeti microphone. Want to hear my audio quality or just my voice? Here’s an excerpt from “Changing Room”. Enjoy!

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